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Isn't it every mans fantasy to have a little sub slut to use and abuse? Wouldn't you love a girl that knows exactly how to please you whenever you want? I need a Master that doesn't mind forcing me to do his will.

I need my Master to force me to grovel at his feet. Punish me when it pleases you, tie me up, use everything in the dungeon to tease and torture me. Have me begging to do anything for you.

While I am left, tied up in Masters dungeon, after being forced to take all of the pleasure and all of his punishment, he decided to leave the door wide open, allowing all of his friends to turn me into their own personal cum whore.

Using me as your personal playground, sticking your cock anywhere you please. I am here to serve my Master and all the men that follow. Spread me wide, shackle me down, spank me hard, and force me to take your cock while you tell me what a sweet little subbie slut I am. 

Very Hot
08 Jan-2019 15:41:23