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Teen Cocktease Taylor

Hey you stinky little pervert!!! Where do you think you’re going? I see you spying on my girlfriends and me whenever we hang out a the mall afterschool. Are you hoping you will get a peek at our tight teen asses? Lol! I’ll bet that’s the only way you can get off, isn’t it? 


You are nothing but a Peeping Tom. You sneak around like a little loser. You’ve probably never even been with a hot teen, have you? I bet when you were in high school you were a dork who never got laid!!! HAHAHA!!! 


Well, my friends and I have a surprise for you. Today you’re finally going to have a teen girl touch you! Only it probably won’t be in the way you like. LOL!!! 


My friends and I are going to teach you a lesson. We are going show you what happens to old ass perverts like you who dare mess with us. HEHEHE!!! 


First, I'll shove you into the mall bathroom with me and my friends. Just being this close to us is probably already giving you a nice bulge in your pants, am I right? Of course it is. You are so fucking pathetic. 


Then my friends and I will pull down your pants. We'll each take turns fingering your teeny tiny weenie. We'll let you know that your poor little clitty cock would look so much better in panties. 


Then we'll take out the fabulous pair of satin panties that we bought you while we were at Victoria's Secret earlier. We'll force you into them, but we all know that you'll love it. 


Oooooooh, just look at that baby dick now!!! It's standing straight up. It looks like you like being embarrassed, huh? 


The feel of my friends hands all over you is making you hard, even when we are making fun of you! LOL!!! 


Well since you like it so much, don't worry. There’s plenty more small penis humiliation phone sex where that came from…

So Hot
06 Feb-2019 08:37:51