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Agent Agreement


This agreement is considered an addendum to the client agreement and is used for Agents only.  This agreement is between you here in known as “Agent” (in name only and not a representing agent of the company) and Palm Island Inc. doing business as “Anythingxxx”.  As an Agent, you have no legal or binding authority for Palm Island and are simply an independent contractor working for yourself and using our services to sell goods and services.  By becoming an agent and filling out the registration on (known as the “site”) you agree to all the terms and conditions that follow including services and products as well as the client agreement.  At any point, Palm Island may change the terms and policies of this agreement.  As well as suspend and/or terminate your access to this and any other Palm Island Inc. site.

By registering for this site you understand and agree to all aspects of this agreement and if you do not agree with this agreement entirely then you may not access this site or use Palm Island Services.  This includes the client agreement.  Some content may be duplicated and if conflicting the client agreement stands.  Any conflict between the client agreement and the agent agreement does not absolve the entire contract, just the point in conflict.

Requirements:  this site is set up for professionals who know how to market themselves and it is assumed they have a good understanding of marketing and basic computer skills.

  • Must be 18 or older
  • If in the United States they must provide a valid ID and Social Security number for 1099 taxes.
  • If outside the United States must provide a government ID showing that they are over the age of 18
  • Anyone making more than $600.00 per year will get a 1099 (that is the current law). You are responsible for your own taxes.
  • Must have a telephone and computer equipment – we do not supply any materials or computers for you.  You are 100% contracted to work independently
  • Must be able to work within the legal bounds of the law both in the US and your own country if other than the US
  • Must have copyrights of all pictures you post.
  • If your pics contain nudity, you must keep a record of all documents that comply with 2257 Law.  The record keeping is your responsibility. We may ask for proof of this documentation at any time.

By filling out the application you are agreeing to:

  1. You will not use this site for any unlawful or fraudulent uses
  2. You will not give medical or finical advice or guidance.
  3. All communication between clients is to be made strictly within our system.  At no point are you to meet clients or use our system to meet a client in exchange for escort or prostitution services.
  4. We have a very strict no drama policy and you will not harass other clients or agents.  If you cause drama that hurts a client, agent or Palm Island then you will be removed from using any of our sites.
  5. You will respect the privacy of both clients and agents and do nothing to harm either or stop their enjoyment of using the site
  6. You are responsible for your content and by putting content on this site you agree that you have full rights to such content and can prove all copyrights to such content.
  7. You will not use this site to promote other products or services that are outside AnythingXXX
  8. You will purposefully not leave negative feedback to harm other agents and doing so violates the no drama policy
  9. You will not spam or send junk mail using our free internal email to other clients and agents
  10. You will not send or say any hateful or offensive statements to harm clients or agents
  11. You agree to our strict NO CHILD PORN policy listed in the client agreement
  12. No pictures of children in anything no matter what.
  13. You will not violate any federal or local laws where you reside
  14. You agree to provide truthful information and that it is your responsibility to update all information including 2257 documentation as well as personal contact information.
  15. The main picture for your page must not contain sexual activity.  
  16. All photos will comply with all legal obscenity laws (no human waste, blood, depict rape or torture).
  17. No memes or cartoons
  18. You agree that AnythingXXX can remove any content or feedback that it finds inappropriate, damaging or intentionally hurtful.
  19. We expect you to use good marketing methods and will not conduct any spamming via email, newsgroups forums etc. We consider this damaging and harmful to the company and will terminate your ability to use any of our services if found spamming


  1. No product or service will be offered under 99cents, including per minute charges.
  2. You set your own price and can change as needed
  3. You are allowing Anythingxxx to collect the revenue on your behalf and AnythingXXX is not responsible for your payment until it has collected from the client
  4. All products and tips will be collected minus a 25% admin fee.  Example:
    1. $50 tip
    2. $25 product sale
    3. $75.00 total product and tip sale
    4. $18.75 would be the admin fee paid to Anythingxxx/Palm Island
    5. $56.25 would be credited to your account
  5. All phone services are revenue less 35% (This covers phone charges and admin fees.)  You get 65% of all phone services and we keep 35% (30 for admin, tech and merchant fees and 5% for phone fees). Cam fees are 30% for admin and 70% to the agent.
    1. 15min call at $2.99 = 44.85
    2. 35%admin+Phone =$15.70
    3. 65% your revenue = $29.15
  6. Affiliate revenue – affiliate policies and payment are documented in the affiliate agreement.  You will receive 50% of revenue share up to the first $100.00 of each new client.  That revenue will be credited to your account once used by the client.


  1. US citizens or those with a US bank account can be paid via ACH or mailed check.
  2. International agents will receive a check by mail only
  3. On-demand payment is whenever you have money in your account, you can request to be paid that amount or less.
  4. All Payments must be a minimum of $100.00.
  5. Payment will be mailed or deposited every following Friday 
  6. The week starts Sunday at 12:00 am and ends Saturday night at 11:59:59 pm. 
  7. All agents will have access to real-time reports on revenue generated, payments and internal advertising cost.
  8. AnythingXXX has the right to hold back or deduct fees for chargebacks without notice. 
  9. AnythingXXX may hold fees if we feel that you have violated any rules or policies and may hold that amount for up to 6 weeks after termination.  Any harm brought to Palm Island due to this termination forfeit your right to these fees.


  1. You have the right to advertise any way you want as long as it is not miss leading, or breaks any laws or may bring harm to Palm Island or damage the company.
  2. It is strongly suggested for you to set up your own site or blog to advertise.  
  3. Internal advertising
    1. You have two means to advertise internally.
      1. One is pay per click to be on the featured page of the main site.  You will bid to be on the featured site, which is the main page.  Highest bid goes on the first spot, then second highest etc.  You are only billed when a client clicks on your page/link.
      2. You must have enough money in your account to bid on this and if you have insufficient funds then you will not show up on the main page.
      3. Anyone caught intentionally clicking on other agents pages will be terminated immediately.
      4. Two, there are several select banners on the main page on the bottom and right side.  These banners are to be made by you with our specification and following the same pictures rules stated above.  Cost is for that current month.  In other words, you rent the space for the month.  The cost will vary depending on demand and location.  If interested fill out a support ticket or send an email to

You agree that AnythingXXX/Palm Island may terminate this agreement at any time and for any infraction of this agent or client agreement.

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